Surveying Services

Bannister & Hunter’s team of experienced Registered Surveyors performs a full range of surveying services employing the latest GPS, UAV, 3D scanning, LIDAR and data analysis technologies to deliver the most cost-effective and accurate survey outcomes possible.

These services include:

  • Construction setouts - for positioning structures and services on residential, commercial and land development sites.
  • Boundary definition surveys - for accurately defining property boundaries for fence location, checking boundary clearances and investigating encroachments.
  • Identification surveys - for property purchase purposes.
  • Detail, contour and topographic surveys - for use in architectural, land development and civil infrastructure engineering design.
  • Jetty surveys - for satisfying various government authority requirements.
  • Deformation surveys - for establishing rate of movement and stability of structures.
  • Utility location and mapping - for use in design of development works, underground structures and services routes.
  • Dilapidation surveys - for recording infrastructure condition prior to commencement of new works.
  • Leasehold surveys - to provide data for building lease purposes.
  • Work-As-Executed and conformance surveys - for recording as-constructed details to satisfy authority and quality assurance systems requirements.


The diverse range of industry sectors covered by Bannister & Hunter’s surveying services includes:

  • Residential - clients include architects, licensed builders, owner builders and property purchasers.
  • Commercial - clients include architects, engineer designers and commercial builders.
  • Industrial - clients include engineering designers and industrial builders.
  • Land development - clients include property developers, town planners and engineering designers.
  • Government infrastructure - clients include architects, engineering designers and Government agencies.
  • Underground services - clients include property developers, engineering designers and Government agencies.