Land and Property Development Management Services

Bannister & Hunter is a land and property development management services company. We are highly experienced in all aspects of rural, residential, industrial, commercial and strata subdivisions. B & H can perform initial feasibility analysis right through to subdivision registration. The services provided include:

  • Feasibility analysis - establishing the viability of a development project before commencement.
  • Client representation - representing clients in negotiations with the various authorities and service providers.
  • Project brief preparation - documenting the various aspects of the project scope.
  • Project planning - developing the project time schedule and interdependencies.
  • Consultant team engagement - assembling the group of consultants required for a particular project.
  • Authority approvals - obtaining the required authority approvals including Development Approvals, other Government department approvals, Construction Certificates and service authority approvals.
  • Design and documentation management - producing all engineering design documentation required for construction.
  • Cost control and value management - monitoring project costs against development budgets and modifying designs to optimise project costs.
  • Civil construction quantity surveys - measurement and calculation of construction quantities for various purposes.
  • Tender process management - producing and issuing construction tender documentation, assessing tenders and making recommendations on awarding contracts.
  • Contract preparation - preparation and negotiation of construction contracts.
  • Contract administration and superintendence - overseeing project delivery from a contract administration perspective.
  • Plan of Subdivision (strata and community title) preparation - all survey and drafting work to prepare the Plan of Subdivision.
  • Subdivision registration - lodgement of the ePlan with the NSW Land Registry Service.